Happy Friday everyone,

I’m excited to have another week under our belts. I’m off campus today at a conference, so this will be a short message. 

Students and parents should be looking out for PSAT results on Monday. I got a high level preview yesterday and learned that our students, once again, did really well. I’m proud of the work they do and their commitment to trying their best on these important tests. 

Please take some time to check in with your students about their grades. Oftentimes, students will have a hard time broaching the subject of needing help. Some encouragement from parents to reach out to their teachers and attend help sessions can make a big difference. High performing students hate to admit when they are struggling. They’ll feel like they are letting down their parents or teachers and should just know the material. Sharing moments when you needed help in school or in your professional life can help normalize the act of seeking help. 

I’m sure our students will finish strong, but a push as we get closer to the semester’s end can save a lot of heartache later. 

Thank you, as always, for all your support. 

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