Aarna Patel: Best in Show, 2024 Georgia Day Student Art Contest Winner

Each February the Georgia Historical Society (GHS) commemorates Georgia Day as part of the Georgia History Festival, marking the anniversary of the founding of Georgia in 1733. Georgia Day gives us a unique opportunity to consider what Georgia and Georgia history means to each of us. Georgia Day events, activities, and resources offer students across the state a chance to learn about Georgia’s past and express what they have learned in creative ways. Students who participate in the individual Statewide Student Art Contest or the Classroom Contest by interpreting the annual Georgia Day theme gain unique and engaging learning experiences.

The 2023-2024 Georgia History Festival theme is “Governing Georgia Across Three Centuries.”

Statewide Student Art Contest

Through the Statewide Student Art Contest, individual participants considered the topic of “A Legacy of Leadership: Georgia’s Elected Officials.” Through various mediums, students depicted leaders of Georgia throughout its history and reflected on how they demonstrated their leadership qualities and executed their responsibility to govern. The Georgia Historical Society received submissions from more than 85 students from eight counties across Georgia.

Congratulations to Aarna Patel, who won Best in Show in the high school category for his entry “Golden Achievements”. It is always wonderful to see our students pursuing their passions and sharing their talents in the community.

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