Design Thinking (DT) is a foundational core of Innovation Academy and there is no student more passionate about it than Ben Germany. As the founder of the Design Thinking Challenge at IA, he and his team —which comprised of Cooper B., Lawson S., Fatima A., and Sejal W.— have been hard at work, competing with other schools in the DT Challenge. The DT Challenge is a county wide competition that involves attempting to solve one of four county provided challenges through the DT process. This year, the prompt IA’s team decided to address was recreating the bus riding experience for Fulton County students. And despite an unfortunate loss last year, by learning and improving on the strategies used by last year’s winners, Ben and his team were able to pull out a victory, showing IA’s DT spirit!

When asked about the future, Ben wished to better meld DT into the curriculum at IA and find unique ways to incorporate it while addressing the time constraints IA teachers often face. By doing so, he hopes that students find a better understanding of DT.

-Samanyu B.

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