Esports Splatoon 3 Team Clinches GHSA State Victory After Intense Season

In a triumphant display of teamwork and skill, the FCS Innovation Academy High School Splatoon 3 team emerged victorious against Brookwood High School in the GHSA State Championship held on May 01, 2024. The team, comprised of Candace Braganza, Matas Gatautis, Jayden Hall, David Hightower, and Evelyn Steele, showcased their mastery of the game after months of rigorous training and competition.

Since February, they’ve been diligently honing their strategies and coordination, facing off against a staggering pool of 70 formidable opponents. Their dedication and talent propelled them to the forefront, culminating in a breathtaking performance at the championship.

With precision and finesse, they navigated the colorful battlegrounds of Splatoon 3, outmaneuvering their rivals and securing victory for their state. Their achievement stands as a testament to their exceptional skill and unwavering determination. Congratulations to the Splatoon 3 team for their well-deserved triumph!

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