We’re all looking forward to a relaxing spring break as we prepare to finish the final 2 months strong.  Our teachers and students have worked hard all year but need our extra support for the final push.  Some of my concerns continue to be making sure our students are where they are supposed to be at all times.  The lure of beautiful downtown Alpharetta is hard to resist, but we must work together to keep our students accountable.  It pains me to give students ISS for skipping or being in off-limits areas, but it is my chief responsibility to keep students safe and too often ISS is the only thing that gets their attention. 

After the break we have some great events with the forthcoming Phoenix Fest and the IA showcase in May.  Of course spring is also a time for big standardized tests that include EOC (end of course) and AP Exams.  If students do well academically, they’ll find that they will exempt most or all of their finals and the summer break will be even longer.  Now that’s motivating.

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