World History classes are starting a unit on Pre-Columbian American Civilizations and Early European Imperialism. The first half of unit focuses on the Aztec, Maya, and Inca civilizations. Social studies teachers are engaging with students’ pathways to design a project in which students creatively express their knowledge of the characteristics of the Spanish-Aztec encounter and practice historical empathy
For the project, students are assigned a civilization and create a news broadcast from it. 

Students in the IT Pathway control the production of the broadcast: filming, editing, producing. 

Students in the Engineering Pathway lead a “public work segment” that shows either through a 3D model or a digital model a great building from their civilization. Students describe the construction, difficulties, and usage of the building or location. 

Students in the Healthcare Pathway provide some helpful insight on their civilization’s religion and culture, specifically the role of offering hearts to the gods. 

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