Good afternoon IA families, 

It’s been a great week at IA. 

The first round of parent scheduling meetings is complete. Thank you to Ms. Lundy and the counseling team for hosting these meetings. It is a huge effort for them, but they want to help parents and students make the best decisions about the courses they take.

We’re excited to welcome our new class of phoenixes. We ran the lottery this week, and our new students have until next Wednesday to accept their seats. It’s incredible to get emails from them sharing their excitement about becoming part of the IA family. 

 Finally, I’d like to celebrate our teacher and professional of the year. This year, we had some incredible finalists who made it very difficult to select a winner. 

Our professional of the year finalists were: 

Ronda Harris, our data clerk. Ronda goes above and beyond in her job, and she is also always decorating for our parties and events. She always brings joy to our staff. 

Bev Shiotelis, our professional assistant who works with our communication team, our assistant principals, and helps manage our substitute teachers. She is always quietly working behind the scenes to make sure that the school functions smoothly. 

Our last finalist, and winner of our Professional of the Year, is Cathy Boatwright, our bookkeeper. Cathy has the very difficult job of managing a very complicated budget. She is able to keep the finances straight and also works to make sure the staff has what they need to be successful. 

Congratulations to the finalists and to our Professional of the Year, Cathy Boatwright. 

Our teacher of the year finalists were: 

Jeremy Collins, one of our incredible English teachers. Beloved by faculty and students alike, Mr. Collins has made English meaningful for the students in his class. 

Cara Dawes, our health science teacher and department chair. Dr. Dawes has brought a lot of passion and commitment to the health science program.

Our last finalist, and winner of our Teacher of the Year, is Bob Kuhn. Mr. Kuhn is our biotechnology teacher and sponsor of our DNA club. Mr. Kuhn’s classroom is an excellent example of student-centered learning. 

We are so happy to celebrate these incredible members of the IA team! 

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